Hello and welcome to my website! I am a writer, blogger for The Huffington Post, and cultural observer. From a young age, I studied the behavior of those around me, trying to understand the deeper meanings behind their actions, and how life circumstances propelled them. I developed a pathos for the unlovable, convinced that there was a story behind every misbehavior. Add to this, layers of social issues such as class, cultural expectations, diaspora, sexuality, and people became very, very interesting. Fast forward to my adult life, and this propensity for pondering deeper meanings has evolved into writing personal essays, fiction, and poetry. Whether creating lovable misfit characters, or using my own life as a springboard to illuminate a particular emotional or social issue, I still strive to create empathy for our inner struggles and outward choices. I hope you will enjoy reading some of my essays, and learning about my novel, The Feasting Virgin, and poetry manuscript, The Motherland. Thank you for coming by. I’m interested in your story too.

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Georgia Kolias is a California based writer currently shopping her manuscript, The Feasting Virgin, a culinary novel featuring a quirky Greek American foodie who struggles to reconcile her religious beliefs with her emerging sexuality. She holds an MFA/MA in Creative Writing. She regularly blogs for The Huffington Post, where her posts have been featured in the Parents, Queer Voices, Impact, Entertainment, and Wedding/Divorce sections. Her work has appeared in the, The Manifest-Station, Role Reboot, When Women Waken, and various anthologies. You can find her at, on Facebook at Georgia Kolias, Author and on Twitter @georgiakolias.

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