I am seeking publication for The Motherland, a three-generation family biography which uses poetic text and original photographs to explore the themes of diaspora, homeland, and the evolution of family as it changes over time, cultural context and geographic location. Some of the themes explored include home/homeland, retention of cultural identity and language over generations, cultural duality, and the struggle to reconcile traditional culture and empowered sexuality.

The title poem was featured here on Windy City Greek during National Poetry Month, April 2016.

The Motherland 

I left the motherland

On September 12, 1965 at 11:05 p.m.

It was a Friday night


And for all intents and purposes

I was in San Francisco, California

United States of America


But as I emerged


I crossed a threshold

From the motherland into exile

Never to return


To that fertile land lush

With pulsations of

My mother’s heart


The heart of Greece


For below the gurgling of her intestines

The sound of her blood filtering

Through our placenta


Her voice resonated

Her tongue forming my

Sense of sound


With each swallow, tastes of

Honey walnut feta oregano lemon

Hardwired my taste buds


Her fingers tapping my back

In rhythm with the bouzouki and κλαρίνο

Taught my feet to dance


And through her eyes

Gazing longingly into the pictures

Of family 6756 miles away


She instilled in me sadness

An undying experience of



Before I left her body

I was already schooled

In the language of loss


Her grief for the motherland palpable


In each gulp of amniotic fluid

In each labored breath and sigh

In each reluctant step on new soil


She left the land and

She left me

Wandering this strange territory


Of divided loyalties

Searching for all time and zones

Without a map for the


Road home


Daddy as child         Yiayia

Dancing at Wedding         




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